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In 2016 Forget Timeshare and Just Buy a Second Holiday Home on the Costa del Sol

The Spanish coastline in the South of Spain guarantees you a lot of things:

  1. A suntan or possibly a sunburn if you don’t wear sunscreen
  2. Some of the best seafood you’ve probably ever tasted
  3. Some of the best golf courses in the world
  4. Kilometers of some of the best beaches in the world
  5. Low costs for entertainment & excursions
  6. Enough Cocktails to sink a boat
  7. Old white villages firmly implanted in an era older than a thousand years
  8. Enough history to fill 100 scrapbooks
  9. Paella & Sangria
  10. And finally, enough cocktails to sink a boat - we’ve might have already mentioned that.

However, if you’re invested in one of the Costa del Sol’s timeshare schemes, odds are you might miss out on a lot of the fun. Trouble is, and it’s quite obvious, all the best parts of the Costa del Sol happen between May & September.

If you’re invested in Timeshare, we are willing to guess you don’t get to come during the peak months. Unless of course you were lucky enough to be the first investor. There are several negative factors when looking into timeshare, but today we are going to focus on one of the biggest bothers about Timeshare….and it just happens to be about TIME.

Ask yourself a couple of simple questions: When planning a holiday in the south of Spain, do you feel like relaxing and taking advantage of our top 10 list above? Or do you feel like fighting tooth and nail year after year with 5 other couples to spend the RIGHT time at your timeshare bungalow, villa or apartment?

Clearly the answer is just as simple as the questions - of course you want a vacation, and of course you want to come in the summer, and finally of course you don’t feel like fighting or arguing with 5 other strangers about it.

Buy Beachfront Property with Status Homes

Time Share means Time Wasted

One of the biggest complaints about timeshare is simply time, and when YOU get your TIME. If you ask an experienced Marbella real estate agent about timeshares, the answers won’t leave the topic in a good light. Perhaps you might jump to an unlikely conclusion that timeshare investments directly competes with the real estate market? This is far from the truth; sure we can chop this up to being about the almighty dollar, pound or euro; but at the end of the day, facts cannot be disputed. Investing in timeshare comes with far too many horror stories, and as Marbella real estate agents, we’ve heard them all.

No, the reasons we want you, the investor, to really consider buying a contemporary villa in Marbella, as one example, is because NOW is the time to BUY property on the Costa del Sol. Let’s look at some interesting data compiled by the big banks, and the Spanish government as well.


Best Places to Retire

2016 is poised to be one of the best years yet when it comes to the property market in Spain.

  1. Latest reports say Spain is once again the most popular destination for mortgage inquiries, accounting for 45% of demand in the second quarter of 2015.
  2. The Spanish economy also grew by 1% in the same period, overtaking Britain’s recovery.
  3. Current expectations for the year are an impressive 3.3% growth and our own analysis predicts 2015 will see a 2 to 3% increase in property prices and in some cases more.
  4. In 2016. experts predict property prices increasing by 5%

Some experts are even so bold to suggest that full property recovery is already here, and will only continue to get better. Yes, right now the property prices seem low, but don’t forget the steady incline of prices - this means property prices are said to be continually rising, and in the next few years we are likely to go back to what the property actually costs.

Most of the news tell the same story over and over again when it comes to recovery in the property market in Spain; we should be thanking foreign buyers for re-investing on the Costa del Sol.

If none of this convinces you, perhaps this will:

Currently the pound is at it’s absolute strongest against the Euro, couple this with credit and mortgages once again being approved, you’d be silly not to contact us today for a property viewing.

The bottom line is timeshare is a time waste - with your very own villa in Estepona, at a fraction of the cost, you can avoid every headache imaginable when planning a beautiful and relaxing holiday in the south of Spain.