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Marbella starts a summer that is expected to reach another record season in terms of tourism

The forecasts estimated the delegation of Tourism of Marbella, based on statistics that are occurring from Easter, point to an increase of up to 10 percent over the previous summer.

To meet this demand, the City has provided, among other things, the opening of the offices of Tourism since last weekend hours, Monday through Friday, from 09.30 to 22.00, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 to 22.00 hours.

Beachside Marbella

As for the beaches, the work carried throughout the municipality, by the Department of Sustainability of the City and the Coastal unit, have left the coast ready for swimmers who will approach the Marbella coast during the next months.

In addition, the municipality will receive the tourists with 5 blue flags flying from their beaches Artola, Guadalmina, Cable, El Faro and Casablanca and Marina of Marbella.

Also on the beach of Rio Verde the blue flag could have been flying were it not for the footbridge that had to be put last year for the passage of the Tour of Spain, Town Hall is already working to regularize order and again renew the award.

Among the award winning beaches is the El Faro where in recent days Town hall is acting to make it fully accessible, in response to a vested interest in Mesa Municipal Accessibility commitment.

Marbella Beaches

One of the services that is reinforced for this year is that of moragas with enabling 12 boats scattered on the beach of El Cable Marbella (8) in the center of San Pedro Alcantara (3) area and in Golden Beach Las Chapas (1).

As a novelty compared to previous seasons, areas have been equipped with toilets, points of light and water to get more pleasant and functional places.

The state of the beaches will be available every day on social networks Town Hall through the #PlayasMarbella label with timely information on the conditions of shoreline for your bathroom.

Regarding the lifeguard service, the device is operating between 11.30 and 19.30 in the entire coast of the municipality and has 58 rescuers 7 patterns boat, 2 people at the Center for Coordination and 3 area managers.

In addition, four ambulances have been enabled, 2 MPVs 1 RIB boat and two jet skis. Another aspect that is renewed this year is the possibility of using the locator bracelets lower in first aid posts.

Safety is another key aspect that will be promoted during the summer in Marbella as was highlighted at the meeting held the tourism sector with the bodies of local, national and Civil Guard last May Police at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions from the city.

All this summer municipal information generated in Marbella can be followed and shared through the label or hashtag #MarbellaVerano.

Source: Marbella Town Hall Press