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Status Homes brings you expert tips on how to increase your home value in Spain

If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, or if yours has been on the market with no bites as yet, you’ll be wanting to get the maximum sale price in the quickest time for it – to make it an easy transition to your new home.

Improving your home is one of the most rewarding things you can do and you should also try to choose the improvements that will increase your home value in Spain.

There are a variety of things that are out of your control when selling your home, including market conditions, location, price bracket etc… – but the one thing that is totally within your control and that you can really do something about, is the look and feel of your home (inside and out).

In this post we want to explore the reasons around why its really worth spending time on your home before you leave it, and what a good declutter can achieve – both for you and for your potential buyers!

Why do I need to spend time and effort on my house before I move?

If you can entice a buyer in through great marketing photos, then show them an inspirational lbefore-after-1ifestyle when they come to view, then you will be much closer to that all important sale.

Property Staging from Status Homes

Hiring a home stager can be an option, to help you to achieve the changes to decor, layout, room useage, clutter etc… as all this can make dramatic differences to whether a home stands out from the crowd or lingers on an agents books, but people are reluctant to spend any time, money and energy on a home they are about to leave.

Most people don’t want to spend a fortune staging a home that they are going to soon move out of – it stands to reason as the moving process in itself costs thousands.

It is important however to think of the bigger picture when selling – if your home doesn’t sell for months or even a year, you have had added expenses of living in it for that time, maintaining it, and possible reduction in asking price to get that sale. This will be in the thousands of euros. And to think – for a few hundred you could have saved yourself the hassle.

Where do we start?

Disassociate yourself

  • Disassociate yourself from your property as much as possible to view it as a potential buyer might. How would it look if you were seeing it for the very first time?
  • Some reports suggest that clearing your home of personal items makes it easier for potential buyers to envisage themselves there.


  • It’s time to clear out all the clutter that has built up while you have been living at your property.
  • Start by throwing away unwanted items, storing away ornaments, books and toys, and moving some furniture into storage to give the feeling of more space.
  • Hide away products in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Don’t let toys, large pieces of equipment and furniture block windows, doors or traffic flows.
  • You should also clear up all the coats in the hallway.

Clean up

Make sure your house is spotless. This means cleaning walls, carpets, sofas, windows and all surfaces.
Focus particularly on cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, where grime can build up quickly.
Dust, polish, remove limescale and tackle tile grout.

  • You may have been putting it off, but now is the time to tackle those broken parts of the house.
  • This might include replacing broken light bulbs, repairing paint chips, giving the front door or walls a fresh lick of paint, or dealing with creaking hinges, dripping taps or cracked tiles.

Interior design

  • Now is not the time to start a major new renovation or development.
  • However, to boost your chances of selling your house fast, do consider freshening up the interior.
  • Make your home look light, airy and warm. You can paint parts of walls or doors that are looking jaded, hang mirrors up to give the feeling of space and strategically place extra lighting, such as a lamp, in corners.

External areas

  • Don’t forget to spruce up the outside of your property, the garden and driveway too.
  • Wash the windows, repair damaged fences, cut the grass, trim the flowerbeds and clear any pathways.
  • Throw away dead plants and empty pots.
  • Store away tools and other garden equipment, such as hoses

Never carry out DIY on electrical, gas, plumbing and structural work and always check if you need planning permission or permission from your community and only start with your home improvements once you have received written permission.

Property Staging Before and After

For the brave hearted here are some more top tips improvements that home owners carry out, they will improve your home and add value to your home especially if you are looking to sell your property.

  • Any improvement to your kitchen is good, if you can, go all the way and replace your old kitchen units and after2appliances.
  • Give your bathrooms an upgrade and fit new modern bathroom suites and fittings, include a spa shower.
    If you have the space add a downstairs guest toilet.
  • Increase your living spaces, add an extra en suite bedroom by extending part of your home.
  • Replace your windows and doors, fit the latest double glazing units.
  • If you have a basement, improve the quality and remodel the space into another living area or entertainment space.
    If you have a covered terrace or balcony, fit the latest glass screens and doors, turn the space into an all year round living space.
  • If your floor covering looks like it needs a bit of an upgrade, fit modern wooded floors or if you have marble floors hire a company to clean and grout your marble to look like new again.
  • A fresh coat of paint in light colours will freshen up your home and make it look a little bigger.
  • If your home has old ceiling and wall light fittings, change them all for a new fresh look.

A combination of floor lighting, table lamp lighting, and spots lighting can transform the look of your home and you can also fit dimmer switches for extra effect. All this details will help to increase your home value in Spain.

If this post inspires you to give your current home a face lift, or need some help with preparing to sell it, you can always contact us at contact@statushomes.com as we collaborate with many companies within the interior design industry locally and internationally, who offer a full design service ranging from help with decoration and furnishing to the project management of building work and the installation of home cinemas, entertainment rooms, bars, wine cellars, home automation systems and other specialised work.