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Top 10 Reason’s Why You Should Buy a Holiday Home in Marbella

There are many reasons why anyone might want to buy a property in the Marbella area.

Its amazing weather and luxury lifestyle are well renowned, but industry insiders agree that a weak euro, pre-recession property prices and a forecast of dwindling housing stocks in prime locations means that now is the time to buy.

Here are our top 10 reasons to buy a property in Marbella


If you're outside the eurozone, especially in the UK, your dream home in the sun will cost you substantially less now than last year. In mid-March sterling reached a seven-year high against the euro, hitting a rate of 1.42. Analysts at Lloyds say that over the coming months they expect GBP/EUR to centre performance around the 1.37 level.


Property prices have dipped to pre-recession levels and by about 40% form their peak in 2007, and in some areas have seen reductions of 70%. Credit ratings agency Fitch recently forecasted that Spanish property prices are set to rise in 2015, and this is especially the case in prime locations such as Marbella.

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Although Spain's stock of unsold homes remains massive, quality homes in prime locations such as Marbella, Estepona and Benahavís are selling fast. Spanish banking giant BBVA forecast that increased property sales in Spain during 2016 will be 'accompanied by a moderate growth in prices.'


The number one reason is the weather in Marbella. The climate is a temperate Mediterranean one and is also influenced by the Mediterranean sea. Tucked between the mountains and the Mediterranean, the temperature in Marbella is pretty much always pleasant: it's never very cold in winter and never extremely hot in summer. In winter the average temperature is about 16 °C and in summer it's about 25-30 °C. If you live in Marbella, the weather rarely turns against you.

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It is little surprise that the world's super rich buy second homes here. We have the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Southern Europe with Marbella's Sierra Blanca and La Zagaleta in Benahavís where recent sales included a 16,194 square foot home for just under $9.8m [WSJ 26-Mar).


With two airports within a short drive, a high speed rail service and a modern motorway network, the Costa del Sol boasts one of the best travel networks on the Med. Since the expansion of Malaga-Costa del Sol airport a few years ago and the extended network of direct flights which came with it, there has been a rising number of people who commute to Marbella. These jet setters spend the week working in Northern Europe, and the weekends enjoying the Marbella sunshine.

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Throughout the summer it is possible to spot celebrities, ranging from Michelle Obama to premiership footballers, media personalities, including minor royalty and of course reality TV regulars from TOWIE, in the many different nightspots, restaurants and bars. From the glitzy designer boutiques of Puerto Banús to the Michelin starred restaurants, if this is where they are to spending their vacation, why not have a holiday get away here? There is much more to say about Marbella area, but perhaps you can draw your own conclusion from the fact that over 5 million people visit this relatively tiny marina every year!


The fact that Marbella has some of the best beaches in Europe is no secret, and is home to some of the most famous beach bars and clubs such as Nikki Beach and the Ocean Club. Marbella's beaches have been awarded a total of six Blue Flags in 2015, no other coastal town in the province of Andalucía has more. In line with the nomination for best beach destination, the Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa was nominated for Europe's Leading Beach Resort 2014.

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Last year Spain officially became the most popular place to retire to in Europe and 8th in the world, as outlined by the Annual Global Retirement Index by International Living. Community of Andalusia and it´s infrastructure is excellent—there are international schools and first-class medical facilities—and there's certainly no problem finding real estate agents, doctors, and lawyers who speak English!
British buyers in particular will soon have some free cash to spend on overseas properties. Changes, due to come into action in April, will give people more choice as to how they receive their pension. The over 55's will be given an option as to whether they take their pension in several small sums, 25% tax free, or whether they take one single sum and potentially be taxed up to 40%.


Marbella, and Spain in general has First-World European luxuries with Spain's famously sunny climate and abundant seaside living. An added bonus is Spain's cost of living, which is among the lowest in Europe. Can you imagine enjoying a cold drink on the sunny beach and hit the ski slopes in the same day? Glynna Prentice, International Living's Editor, writes that Spain 'has the rich history and traditions that you expect from Europe, and all the First-World conveniences. But it also has a fun-loving, late-night culture, wonderful food, and people who place great value on family and friendships, and that's very appealing. Spain is a great favorite with many people, including me.'

Retire in Marbella

So, are you ready to have time of your life on coast of Marbella?