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Marbella Property - Why you should invest now

There is no denying that Marbella and the Costa del Sol remains a top destination for tourists the world over, and one of the best places to buy property. Whether you want to invest in Marbella property for rental income, buy a second holiday home or just retire, we can now say without a doubt, you are making the right decision.

Andalusian Tourism & The Marbella Property Market

For 5 straight years, tourism in Andalucia broke records, and brought 7 billion into the economy. The news currently making the rounds is good, and the numbers cannot be denied. Spain is in full economic recovery. The same is true for the Marbella property market and the whole of the Costa del Sol in general.

The housing market in Marbella continues to show a healthy uptick in 2018. The full data has yet to be released from 2017, however the Spanish Ministry of Public Works has indicated that in the third quarter of 2017, residential home sales were 10% higher than in the same quarter of 2016.

The market recovery is just the tip of the ice-berg and only one reason to buy property in Marbella. Growth figures for employment, and another surge for summer 2018 with regard to tourists is setting the stage for a bright future. It’s a fact – Marbella property is a safe investment, thanks to the current economic trends, and best of all, this is likely to continue on for the next several years.

Why invest in Marbella Property?

Besides the financial gains, what makes Marbella property so attractive for investment starts with the area itself. No where else can you count on the perfect climate. Holidaymakers and expats will agree, when looking to escape the colder seasons at home, it’s the stunning scenery and blue flag beaches that attract them to the Costa del Sol. Here in Marbella, you can count on breath-taking sea views, mountains and picturesque golf courses.

More Reasons to Invest in Marbella Property

The Quality of Life

Besides Marbella offering beautiful properties, world famous restaurants, blue flag beaches and a huge selection of bars and clubs, it’s the Spanish lifestyle that beckons expats to its shores. Family is important in Spain and their way of life brings whole new meaning to the “chill factor”. Here in Spain, you have no choice but to relax and just go with the flow. The Spanish are largely regarded as the most relaxed population on the planet.

It’s no different on the Costa del sol – siestas, ferias and national holidays makes Marbella a paradise for those looking for a slower pace in life. All of this makes Marbella and the Costa del Sol the perfect place to retire – the range of activities, facilities and attractions appeals to all ages. Let’s not forget that on the Costa del Sol you are treated to over 300 days of sunshine per year.

Marbella also provides excellent infrastructure and is only a 2-hour flight from the UK. The extensive connection of motorways here makes for easy travel, and with an international airport in Malaga to add to the appeal.

The Costa del Sol is also home to many international schools including Swans, Aloha College, The English International College and the Calpe College. The public hospitals and clinics are renowned throughout Europe, with the quality of medical care going well above average.

The Rental Potential on the Costa del Sol

Right now, one of the best reasons to invest in Marbella property is the rental potential. If you are looking for a Marbella apartment to invest in and you wish to use it for only short durations, you might want to consider taking full advantage of rental income.

As previously mentioned, the record breaking tourism is only going to keep going. This summer (2018), we are expecting even more tourists to hit our shores. Most of these holidaymakers are families of 4 and 5. These families prefer self-catering for obvious reasons. Staying in a hotel with a family of 5 can be incredibly expensive during peak seasons in Marbella.

You can provide this family a place to stay and earn major profit while taking care of all maintenance costs and mortgage payments – best of all you can do all this in just one season!

At Status Homes we can help you find the perfect property in Marbella, property in Estepona or properties in Puerto Banus. We can help guide you and help you earn rental income on the Costa del Sol. From Marbella townhouses and plots to apartments and villas, you have many options to choose from.

Don’t forget that Marbella means “beautiful sea” and this town lives up to that name.