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Language schools in Marbella helping you discover the city

We love that Marbella is a small city on the beach where the smell of orange blossoms, the beauty of elegant marinas and the comfort of the traditional old town will make learning Spanish a pleasure and a thrill. Marbella is a place to put your feet up and relax into the Spanish language and culture. We love that you can walk everywhere, and will discover the city’s hidden gems whether you’re looking for them or not; will be able to sit on a terrace in the sun and enjoy a truly fresh squeezed orange juice; will be able to stroll along the Mediterranean and then explore the coast for some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. There is a reason Marbella is home to the rich and famous… charm, natural beauty, culture. Marbella is a stunning setting for learning Spanish.

Learning Spanish in Marbella is a excellent way of getting to know the city and people living in it, the language schools are also a melting pot of university students, Au-Pairs, executives and professionals, and retired people creates an international, culturally rich and varied atmosphere.

Language schools in Mabella helping you discover the city

Here are some schools in Marbella that we can recommended for our readers.


Walk out of our Spanish school in Marbella and you will smell the sweet Mediterranean air and feel the cool sea breeze on your face. You will enjoy Spanish classes in a comfortable setting with 14 bright classrooms equipped with the best learning resources and filled with the most passionate teachers and motivated students. Students will have access to Wi-Fi throughout the school and common areas for relaxing, studying and practising Spanish with new friends and students. And when you leave class, you will be plunged into the centre of Marbella, a stone’s throw from the beach and a quick walk to the city’s old town.

Spanish Language center

Spanish Language Center (SLC) is a Language school founded in 1999 by the organization International Au-Pairs Language Abroad Group (IA&LA), which started in 1988. Since then it is a centre of excellent prestige in the language-learning world.

The school is specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, it is accredited by INSTITUTO CERVANTES. It is also a member of CSN (Central Committee of Financial Aid for Students)

The Spanish language school is located in Marbella. Our students are adults (+16 years old), with a maximum of 10 students, with an average of 3 to 6 per class.


The school is located in downtown Marbella, just a 5 minute-walk from the beach and the Maritime Promenade and next to various bus lines. It’s a small and familiar school designed around open-air. Enforex is Spain’s largest and one of the prestigious group of Spanish schools. Each year since 1989, they have been offering quality Spanish language courses to over 35,000 students of more than 72 different nationalities. With over 20 different courses adapted to our students’ needs and with our efficient, professional and dedicated teaching staff, we have come to be a model group in the field of teaching.